Chef Ashley Clay

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Ashley Clay was exposed to Southern and traditional American influences from a young age. She discovered early on that she had a talent for preparing food that not only tasted good, but also made people feel welcome and happy.

Naturally, her upbringing had a tremendous influence on her career, but it would take a little luck, in the form of an NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, to launch her into the stratosphere.

When Ashley’s mother was working long hours behind the scenes at the TNT/TBS television network’s basketball coverage, Ashley often dropped by the studio to leave a plate of food for her. That’s when NBA legend Charles Barkley took notice.

After meeting Ashley, he asked her to cater the TNT NBA halftime shows. It wasn’t long before she became well-known as Atlanta’s first personal “celebrity chef,” cooking for athletes and entertainers like Ludacris, Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather, Tyler Perry—and even the Atlanta mayor’s office.

Chef Ashley has also become known for creating memorable experiences. While food was her first love, she also knew that it’s one part of the full experience. Using her keen eye for detail, she produces truly elegant, unparalleled experiences that leave her guests speechless.